Steele Creek…+ one

Ouch!  Oh… Ouch.

That is pretty much what I  sound like today.  My knee hurts, my back hurts, my hands hurt, my arms hurt.  I cannot believe how much I hurt.  My knee is really bad.  It is stiff and sore.  Actually, both of me knees hurt.

We got all both of the bikes cleaned up and nearly ready for Big Buck, packed up the van and parked it safely and now we are at the airport.   Somehow, I doubt that David Knight did all of that.  Sure he goes faster than me, but if he had to prep all his stuff and work on his bike and make all the arrangements, and set up camp… Naw, he would still be faster than me.  But, I sure do love racing my motorcycle.

My bike is starting to look a little bit haggered, after 3 races and just minimal maintenance.  It has 2 more to go before it returns home and can truly be stripped down to the frame and built back up.  I think it will make it.  I hope it will make it.

So, now it is back to the snow zone again.  The winter that will never end.  I hear that Dyracuse will be open next weekend.  If it is, I will be up there riding.  I need ride time.

I think that my knee thing has really set me back.  I feel like I was a lot faster and more confident on my bike last year.  I am struggling this year with feeling comfortable.  I think that things will come around.  At least I want them to.

I want some ride time.


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