Strange to be home and not riding

This winter continues to be really tough here in Wisconsin.  It is still cold, and there is still snow on the ground.  It is starting to melt, but the ground is only thawed in the sunny areas and the snow is only clear where it was thin.  Hopefully in another week it will all be gone.  It is in the 40’s for highs, so it melts, but slowly.

This morning, I got up and went to a week 8 cycling class.  Indoor still.  I rode to work on my bike this week.  It was cold.  Really cold, like 18 -25 in the morning when I left for work.  But those were just steady commuting miles.  Good for base fitness, but not pushing it much to help in the next GNCC races.  So, I went to indoor group cycling class on Thursday morning, and again this morning.  Both of those classes were really hard efforts, but it is getting hard to get motivated for more of that training.  Particularly after already doing 2 races down in Florida and then in Georgia.

My hands are getting soft, my body is feeling like it is recovering from those races.  It was a slow recovery this week.  I have been tired all week.  I need to ride, to get my hands tougher and to keep building on my fitness.

So, I spent some time looking for somewhere to ride.  Dyracuse riding area up in Wisconsin Rapids will not be open until the first weekend of April, weather permiting.  The MX track here in town is not open until April 5.  The sandy little MX track in Janesville is not ready to ride yet, maybe next weekend.   The offroad riding area down in Byron Illinois is not open yet.  Ugh…  I know all those guys down south are riding.

Tomorrow I will work on my practice bike to make sure it is ready to ride next weekend.  Change the rear tire, change the oil, clean airfilter…  Man do I want to ride.

One response to “Strange to be home and not riding

  1. The snow is still deep here. Nearly up to my knees. At this rate, the 24 hour race I have on my calendar for Memorial Day weekend will be wet and muddy. I miss riding trails.

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