The day after Georgia

After the race, Scott and I drove to Charlotte NC. Our intention was to get a hotel room, shower, sleep. We managed that, in that order without too much fuss. Along the way, we continued our counting of Confederate flags, mullet hair doo’s and other things that we find unique to being in the south.


We arrived in Rock Hill (suburb of Charlotte) at about 9:30. Found a cheap hotel with internet access, and piled into bed. It was lights out at 10:30 – old guys.


In the morning, we headed over to the Waffle House for some breakfast. I don’t get it. Those places are horrible. Yet they appear really successful, and there is one at EVERY exit in this part of the world. The food is crummy, there are people smoking…


One thing that I find really interesting about the south is the accents. Wow. Some peoples accents are so heavy that I do not understand anything they are saying. I am sure that my Wisconsin accent is the same to them. But, wow.


It was really cold in the morning, so we found a Laundromat first to wash street clothes and race gear. That was an experience also. I don’t think we were in the door of the Laundromat more than 1 minute, and we had both been called “darling” and “honey”, more than once. The woman working there was huddled over a overflowing ashtray of cigarette butts, just below a huge sign that said NO SMOKING! I guess that if you put the sign up, you do not have to follow it. She and her friend both had those 50 year old woman smoker voices.


Next we got to the car wash. A perfect space with parking lot to drop the trailer and then to work on bikes afterward.



Here is a picture of what a bike looks like after a muddy race in Georgia. I can tell you that it takes about $10 worth of quarters to get a bike clean after this.


There was an old guy who takes care of the car wash there. His name was Beau “not the bad smelling kind” was his quote about himself. Beau is 78 years old and has lived his whole life in Rock Hill SC. Beau was there at the car wash that day, sweeping up, emptying trash etc… He was so happy to have someone there for a period of time. He just wanted to talk. In fact, he wanted to talk so bad that he did not really care or even notice if anyone was listening. He started telling stories as soon as we got there, and I don’t think he stopped telling stories until about 2 hours later. His stories had no context either. He told us about JW owing a motorcycle and his brother, but he didn’t tell us his name. JW was the only piece of information that he gave about the guy who owned a motorcycle. Beau went on to tell us about him jumping a creek and getting into the bushes. And then Beau laughed. It is actually amazing that I can write any of this down, because I really only understood about every 4th word that Beau said. Beau’s accent was so thick that it was nearly impossible for me to make out.



We set up a huge shop area in the parking lot and worked on bikes. That is Beau with my bike a little bit more cleaned up.


Anyway, we mounted up new tires, fixed my clutch changed oil etc… all to get them ready for the next race in NC in 3 weeks.


I will be ready for a decent result by then. And, hopefully Scott can continue his assault.



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