March 8, The General (minus 1 day)

Today we are at the “General” in Georgia. It is cold. I mean really cold. I know cold. After all, I do live in Wisconsin, so I think I do know cold. It is about 40 and windy. It rained all day yesterday, so things are really damp feeling also.


But, before I get into all of that, let me tell about yesterday. I mentioned earlier when I was writing that I was waiting for Scott after we had separated for a couple of days. He battled traffic for more than an hour while he was trying to get down to Orlando to pick me up. Ugh. When he arrived, I hoped behind the wheel to get us going and started back towards Daytona. As I am heading out, Scott mentions that the van is running poorly. He thought it was the little bit of 2 stroke premix that we dumped into it to get rid of some fuel. But, we put more gas in and it did not get any better.


In fact, we had to pull over at a rest area where it completely died. We got it started again and headed out to get the trailer where Scott had left it in Daytona. When we got onto the road again, the van started running poorly again. So, we found a Ford dealer and had them check it out. They found a recall thing, but that did not fix our problem. We dumped some fuel cleaner in and drove off, hoping that would fix it. It kind of did, at least partially.


In the end, after getting groceries etc… we arrived at the race site in Georgia at about 11pm, where we promptly got stuck in the mud. There was an old guy with a 4 wheel drive that was able to pull us into a camp spot, and that is where we slept.  He was nice enough to help us out, but I have no idea what he was saying.  His southern accent was so thick that it was almost impossible for me to understand him.  


Today we were able to find a course side spot, and get things organized. I had to finish up my bike, to make it ready after last weeks race.


At the start of the post, I noted that it is cold here. It is! 40 degrees and windy. So, I am sitting here in the trailer, with the generator running (I picked that up yesterday – but that is another story in itself), the heater on and typing my blog.


Tomorrow is going to be muddy and cold. The quad guys were completely mud covered today after their race. It should be warmer than 40 though, probably upper 50’s. I hope so, as I do not want to deal with jetting.



One response to “March 8, The General (minus 1 day)

  1. Good luck and stay warm!

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