March 7, 3 days after the Triton, 2 days till Georgia


Wow.  I am still feeling it.  I just cannot get over how hard that race was. 


After the race, Scott and I drove to Cocoa Beach.  We intended to find a campground with a shower and power.  But, that was easier said than done.  Candi failed us 2 times.  She directed us to campground addresses that just were not there.  They may have been there at one point, but no longer.  Ugh.  In the end, we gave up and got a hotel room.  We both wanted a shower and needed to lie down.  It was great.  I don’t think I even moved once I laid down, until the next morning. 


We found a car wash and it only took about an hour to clean up the bikes and assorted bike gear.  Then we found a Laundromat and destroyed a few washers with our riding gear and smelly street clothes from 5 days on the road, working on motorcycles, sleeping in the camper and no showers.  That was not pretty.


Then, Scott dropped me with my family at the beach and he headed off to Daytona.  I am sure he wrote somewhere here about that experience.  But, I spent the day at the beach on the 5th.  I lied around in the sun (just a few minutes) and then the rest of the day in the shade.  It was great.  While I was doing that, I thought of all the other suffering Wisconsinites at home dealing with ice and a snowstorm.  I have never really wanted to hang around in the sun, but this felt good. 


On Thursday the 6th, I loaded up with the rest of the family and spent the day at Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure.  It was cool.  Riding rides, spinning on rollercoasters and watching people.  I am amazed that the gang of teenagers at my house still digs amusement parks.  We did the whole thing also.  Both parks, lunch at Margarita-ville dinner at the worlds largest Hard Rock Café etc…  I must say that I am still thrilled with rollercoasters.  They are hard to get enough of.  Liz and the teenagers all love them also. 


Now I am sitting at a Starbucks, waiting for Scott, so that we can head to Georgia.  We have an all day drive.  Need to buy groceries, a generator, radiator fluid etc…  Tomorrow is working on the bikes day, and then Sunday.  Yow. 



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