Triton is in the books

After months and months of prep and all the agonizing and all the training.  3 hours and it is over.

That 3 hours though is the hardest thing I have ever done.  It was harder than any 12 hour mountain bike race, it was harder than the Logan Utah to Jackson Wyoming road race (210 miles, 3 mountain passes), I have not done an Ironman Triathlon but if it is anything like this – no thanks.

I would describe the Triton as 3 hours of sand whoops spiced with palmetto roots the size of your thigh and then below that just a maze of spaghetti routs going everywhere.  It was a 13 mile loop that was 100% sand whoops mixed with all of that.  You could literally NEVER sit down.  I basically did a 3 hour race where I could not sit down one time.

My wave is at the end of the field (old guys who go slow).  We were 1 mile into the race, blitzing down a completely pro motocross level whooped out straight.  I was about mid pack and got pinched to the side behind someone.  The guy in front of me got out of sorts and almost went down, and came to a stop.  I was blitzing along with the gas wide open on top of the whoops.  There was nothing I could do.  I smashed right into the back of him, smashing my radiator back and tearing it – but I did not loose the fluid.  I picked my self back up and finally got going again.  Dead last.  I had my work cut out.

I rode possessed for a lap, and sliced through about 6 people in that first lap.  The second lap similar.  But, by then we were 1.5 hours into the race (yes the laps were 45 minutes long).  I was toast.  I went on cruise control from there.  I  did make it back up to 12th place, but that was as far as I got.

Scott had a super race.  He was 6th in the 30A class.

Afterward, Mike Webb from the Suzuki team said that Florida is the hardest race of the year.  I believe it.

I cannot imagine doing anything harder.  I am so worked.  My hands are destroyed.  My back hurts and my knee is stiff and swollen.  Ugh.

My bike was great.  The Factory Connection suspension was super, the Cycra plastic was perfect, everything about it was great.  In particular, they look spectacular.  Everywhere we go, people talk about how good our bikes look.  Thank god for my GPR steering damper.

I have to get my radiator fixed before next weekend, but other than that it was great.

Georgia race in 5 days.  Time for some serious stretching icing and hand attention.

4 responses to “Triton is in the books

  1. But did you have fun? I’m so very proud of you – my no.1 son!!

  2. Whoa. I remember being worked after two hours of snowmobile riding. This sounds like torture. No mention of fun in this post.

  3. Scott Forrest

    Maybe you could have the radiator repaired and set it aside as a spare. Or repair it and secretly swap it with one of Scotty’s unmolested ones. Yup, now that’s a plan…

    Good on you and Scotty

  4. Jumpin' Jon

    Sonds like hell and heaven all at the same time. I’m not jealous,,,,,,and yet strangely I am.
    Good luck this weekend!

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