At the Triton – Florida GNCC – Sunday 3/2

Today we drove from Tennessee, outside of Chattanooga, to the race site in Florida. We are here now, along with about 200 other RV’s. I suspect that there will be about 400-500 bikes in the race on Tuesday. Tomorrow is practice and bike set up work for both Scott and I. This is the only race of the year that has a provision for practice. All of the other races, there is no provision for practice. I suppose this one has practice because it is the first race of the year and it allows all of us who live up north to get our bikes and gear sorted etc… We are not actually practicing on the course, mind you but on similar terrain to the course. Even though there is practice, the standard for GNCC racing is to not allow any practice on the course. We all see the course for the first time when the green flag goes up and we are racing.

Thankfully, today was a lot less eventful day than yesterday was. Not much happened. But, this did mark the furthest south that I have ever driven. I mean, we are halfway down Florida. There is ocean both to the east and to the west. That is crazy.

I saw a few interesting things on the drive down today. But, I think the best was seeing a guy going down the road on his Harley at about 80mph, with the bike set on cruise control and him riding no handed. Not just for a second either. I watched him ride for more than a minute like that. Seriously! In fact, here is a picture of it all going on.

Mr. cool no handed Harley dude. 80mph, no hands. For miles.


The worst thing that happened today, was when I got in an argument with Candi (the GPS stripper girl). We were in Atlanta, caught in a huge traffic jam. I got finally got tired of sitting there, so we just drove up the side to the exit and started heading in a different direction. Eventually, Candi figure it out and gave us directions about how to meet up with our original road, just about 10 miles further down the road. It all worked out, and we leapfrogged the traffic jam and made good time again. But, Candi was having some stern words with me when I would not listen to her telling me to turn around and get back on the road. She is so touchy.

Speaking of Atlanta, that was interesting. I mean, the highway is routed right through the city. The traffic was bad there, on a Sunday. I guess it must be really bad on a Monday.

I was suitably impressed today with Tennessee. I know that Tennessee is a pretty backwoods place, but it is really really beautiful. Wow. Big hills, lots of trees, cool little towns kind of stuffed into the valleys. Mountains, without snow. Pretty cool.

When we finally got to the race site, the road to the actual race site was about 5 miles long sand and dirt road. The road was completely washboarded. The rough surface made the traveling really slow. I don’t want to beat the trailer up, so it was a 10mph ride. But, here we are. We have a great site, just off the track, just after the start finish. We will be able to pit right out the back of the camp site. Should make it much safer for our stuff to be left on the side of the trail.

I cannot believe that I am sitting here in the trailer, with a light on, typing this out, listening to my ipod and updating the blog site.

This is much more big time than any other races that I have done before.


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