Am I Ready?

Am I Ready?  I keep asking myself that.

After knee surgery,

– I have swam more than 500 laps

– I have ridden more than 600 miles on the trainer

– I have ridden the rowing machine for more than  88,000 meters

– I have done more than 40 workouts in the gym

But, am I ready?  In my head I am.  My equipment is.  I feel like I am physically ready.  But, I have not actually raced since early in Sept.  And, since my physical level was tapered way back after the knee surgery, I have had a really intense 2 months of training since January 1.  But, am I ready?

Tomorrow at 5 am, our adventure begins!  Scott and I will head out at 5am towards Florida.  We will probably make it into Georgia somewhere, sleep and then finish the drive off on Sunday.  Monday is prep day, with the only practice allowed at any GNCC on Monday.  Monday is bike break in day for Scott and I also, as our race bikes have zero hours on them yet.  Monday is also the day to get everything sorted.

-bike ergos

– goggles

– gear

– etc…

Tuesday at 1, the flag will go up for the pro’s.  A few minutes later, it will go up for Scott and a couple of minutes later it will go up for me.  The long long off season is over.

Am I ready?


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