Ya, so here we are down in St. Joe – Missouri.  It is February, and we have escaped the snow to ride.  It happens about every year at this time.  Just when you think you cannot take another day of winter, you load it all up and head somewhere to ride.

When you get there, it all feel wrong.  The gear feels cumbersome, the camelbak doesn’t seem to fit on your back well, your timing is off in the woods…  Somewhere in the beginning of the ride you get knocked off your bike.  Then after a while, it starts to come back.  Your timing, your comfort on the bike, your one true purpose.  Going fast and ripping lines in the woods.  God it feels good to be back on a bike in the woods.

back of the van

Here is the back of the van when we showed up – nice!


We are both here with our practice bikes.


This is what someone looks like who lives in Wisconsin, after they get to ride – in February.  Scott.

The dirt was superb, the place is superb.  No training problems, the bike is fabulous.  Cannot wait to put a bunch more hours on the bike tomorrow.


One response to “RIDING!!!!

  1. Thomas Baker

    Hey Joe and Scott- I spent a little time with Roger Bird a couple of days ago changing ice tires, and he told me you guys are going at the nationals and directed me to our site. NICE WORK! Represent D16! I hope all goes well for you this season.

    Go fast take chances

    Thomas Baker

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