Huge storm! heading south to ride

Every year there is another “storm of the century” here in Wisconsin.  The news channels will hype up a coming storm for days, and normally that hype builds amongst people and gets them into a frenzy of snow tire buying and snow blower prepping and planning for snow days and and and…  Then of course, because the news channels have been hyping it hard, it normally doesn’t materialize and we get an inch or so of snow. 

The hype for this one started about 3 days ago.  I thought, “here we go again!” 

It has been snowing now since yesterday midday.  Nonstop.  The wind is howling and the snow is drifted everywhere.  There is at least 20 inches in a protected area behind the house.  The snow is drifted as high as the roof of the truck in front of the garage.  There has not been a single car down our road today.  The plow came by once, but has not been back.  Our road is impassable.

The county next to ours has shut down and declared all roads in the county closed.  They gave up on trying to plow and pulled the plows off the road for the safety of the drivers.

The official road website for the state recommends not trying to drive in the southern part of the state.  The interstates all across the southern part of the state are closed.

It is forecast to keep snowing late into the night.

WOW!  Ok, it finally happened.  This might be the storm of the century

It seems odd that Scott and I are heading to Missouri on Friday to ride.  It is 50 down there today.   It was 70 down there yesterday.  Oh well, the guys in Florida are already racing. 

Things are getting tense and nervous here.  We are expecting our last things to show up this week.  Steering dampers, some plastic, number plate graphics etc…   Next weekend, we will pull the camper trailer out of storage and work on that.  Our race bikes will also be back from the Indy show at that point.  It is only a little bit more than 3 weeks away till we head south.


One response to “Huge storm! heading south to ride

  1. Trade you. It’s pouring down here. I mean proper Spring shower pouring. I’ll take that snow. At least it would cover the slopes again.

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