First day back on the bike!

After a really long 5 months, today was my first day back on the bike.  I went down to Waterman indoor MX track today, on my own.  Scott already talked about that place in one of his posts, but nonetheless I will talk more about it.  It is actually a kind of crummy little place.  The lighting sucks, the air quality is rank, and the dirt is beat but it is riding in January.  I rode!  My knee was great.  I did not fall down, so I cannot confirm how good or bad it is when that happens, but for riding it was great.  I can stand, sit, put my foot down in a turn, jump etc…  I am so stoked.

Speaking of stoked, today was my first time back on a Suzuki in over 20 years.  20 years.  No kidding.  My last Suzuki dirt bike was an RM 125 in about 1980.  The RM 250, built up as a GNCC bike, is an absolute weapon.  That bike kicks ass!  It handles well, it is light, it starts every time you stab it.  It just absolutely rocks. 

The bike was a little bit too peaky today, but it was only like 25 degrees at the track.  When things warm up, we can tone down that peaky feeling with jetting changes.  Other than that, I do not have anything bad to say about my new mount at all.  I love it. 

It was cold in the warehouse today, and of course there were about 4 four strokes that just would not start.  What has the world come to, when we gave up such a great bike for something with valves floating around inside there.  Call me a stick in the mud, but I am just so glad to be riding a 2 stroke. 

It is just 37 days till the first race.  I wish it was next weekend. 


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