prepared – I hope

I am certain there will be other riders in my class who will have more talent than I. I am also certain there will be other riders in my class who will have better fitness than I. After all, the guys in Florida and places like that are able to ride and race already. As I write this in my kitchen here in Wisconsin, I am looking out the window at another snow day. This winter has turned out to be a real winter here. But, I am feeling pretty good about my training. Good enough that I am pretty certain there are not going to be many people in my class that are going to show up as prepared overall as I feel I am.

This weeks training volume was pretty good.

– swimming = 2 hours

– cycling = 3.5 hours

– gym workouts = 2 hours

– rowing machine = 1 hour

– stretching = 1 hour

Of course those times were broken up into smaller chunks each. But, the volume for January is feeling pretty good. I could break those out into training heart rate percentages also, but I won’t bore you with that. Mary has an even harder pile of workouts prescribed for me for next week. Not necessarily more volume, but more time at high intensities for sure. Scary!

Tomorrow I will finish up the build of my practice bike. The specs in my bike page are pretty accurate. I will probably update my bike photo as well. My practice bike is not real pretty, because of the used plastic, mismatched wheels etc… But, it represents something much closer to a race bike than the Ricky Carmichael bike that I am showing now.

The unfortunate news that I got this week, is that it looks like this will be the last year for the 2stroke with Suzuki. That is a shame. I certainly do not have anything against Suzuki’s 4 strokes, in fact they are pretty sweet, but I really really prefer a 2stroke. If I was David Knight, it probably would not matter. But if you notice, the other guys at the pro level seem to favor the 2stroke for GNCC type racing (Juha, Barry Hawk, Charlie Mullins, Jimmy Jarret etc…) I have raced 4strokes in HS races, and depending on the course they are not bad. But as soon as you get into the technical sections or there is mud, the 2 stroke is much better.

Originally I marveled at Justin Williamson and his recovery after knee surgery. I still do. But, I find myself in similar shoes. I am over 3 months now from my surgery, and my knee feels great. I am pushing it hard in training, but careful. I will start on the motorcycle at the end of this month. I truly feel that it will be ready in Florida. We will see.

Check back next weekend and I will show off my bike etc…

Just 52 days till the Florida GNCC now!


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