58 days!

Wow!  Only 58 days till the first GNCC race.  I cannot believe it.  Christmas has come and gone, New Years is a week over.  January is here, winter is upon us and in no time Scott and I will be heading south to start the season.

I watched the first Supercross race this morning (Tivo is a great thing).  Whenever you see a muddy supercross race it makes you stand up and take note.  The first thing I find myself noting is how much easier it would probably be to do that muddy SX race on a 2-stroke.  Oh well.

My practice bike, which may end up being my early season race bike, is almost completely together.  My suspension made it back from Factory Connection, resplendent with great big works looking stickers and all.  The bike is mostly built back up, just waiting for a couple of frame guards and a couple of other small things.  Soon it will be ready to be thrashed.  I will be ready to starting thrashing it on January 26.

Hopefully our second bikes will be here before we leave to head south and start racing.  Scott only has his race bike from last year.  That was meant to be his practice bike this year, and a new one would be built up for the race season.   I am sure they will be here soon, and we will do a long weekend scramble to get everything ready for heading south.

We spent this past weekend working on the van.  We got most everything figured out for spending the better part of this spring/summer/fall in the van.  The bike area is coming together with the creature comfort area still to go.  I will let Scott fill us all in on that progress though.

My knee is fantastic.  Tomorrow is brace fitting day at the physical therapy office.  Not much else to report with the knee.  It is not hindering my training or my fitness in any way now.  Once my brace for riding my moto is here (should be about the 22nd), I will even be able to ride.

More stuff for bikes will be showing up this week.  We should feel final proofs of graphics this week, and then we should be able to get photo’s of our bikes posted here and on the teams website.

Check back next week,


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