10 weeks, Asia, GNCC prep – yow!

Ok.  It is 10 weeks after surgery.  I am on my way back from working in Asia for 10 days.  Scott wants to work on the van tomorrow.  The race shop at Scott’s house is set up to have multiple bikes in a “Work In Progress” state.  I need to do some Christmas shopping.  Jason Weigandt says that after January 8 we can get some race numbers sorted for our GNCC effort.  – Yow!

The knee is feeling pretty good.  As I said, I was traveling for the past 10 days, and other than the airliner days I did pretty good at training and working on the knee.  I have great mobility – about 90% of the OEM knee.  I have decent strength in my quad – about 80% of the OEM knee.  I am feeling pretty good about things.  I feel like my fitness overall, is where it needs to be for our plan.  I am regularly riding the trainer for an hour.  I am doing conditioning class.  I am swimming.  I just don’t yet know how it will be on the moto.  I will find that out in late January.

Asia for 10 days!  Yow!  Shanghai China for a couple of days.  Japan for a couple of days.  Taiwan for 10 days.  I actually really like Asia.  Asian people are friendly.  They have a can do attitude.  They enjoy foreigners.  The food is not always good, but always interesting.  I don’t enjoy how work at home piles up while I am gone, and I don’t enjoy being away from my family.  But, there are worse places to go for work.  Plus, you see the craziest things in China.  For example, I saw 2 people on a scooter going the wrong way down a 4 lane hiway, on the white line between the 2 lanes of cars going the other way.  OMG!

Tomorrow we will start the mechanical prep in earnest.  Scott has put a bunch of work into the van, but we will work on it together tomorrow.  The first 2 of our race bikes will begin to be stripped and built back up tomorrow.  I love this stuff.

Yow!  (4 times in one post!)


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