New bikes and Week 6

New bikes. There really isn’t anything better, the smell, the feel, how clean they are, how tight they feel. I love that. I find myself just heading out to the garage to sit on it and turning the workshop lights on and the garage heater and daydreaming about riding… Since I have been an adult, I have not owned a Suzuki. I confess. I rode Suzuki MX bikes as a kid, but it has been a long time. The team is sponsored by Suzuki, and I am super stoked by that. But, I have to admit that I have been still a bit nervous. I have been a Yamaha guy for a bunch of bikes in a row. Not that I have anything against other brands, I am just most familiar with Yamaha’s.

One of my new bikes is in the garage.

2006 RM250 - new

I love the looks, for RC as a SX bike. It will look a lot different when it is built up as a GNCC bike for me. Plus, I think I would be a bit embarrassed to ride it all RC’ed up like that.

Although I am new to the world of Suzuki, I love this bike. It feels light, moving it around the garage. It feels nice and compact as well. It makes me feel like Rodney Smith sitting on it, or now I suppose it will be somewhat related to what Charlie Mullins will be riding next year. When the build up starts, I will quote things like weights etc… But, for now I have to say I am just really impressed with a lot of the details.

I am a committed 2 stroke guy though. I like mixing gas, I like how they start, I like the sound, I like how reliable they are, I like working on them, I like the power delivery… I know that someday I may be forced to ride a 4 stroke, but that will not be until a sponsorship situation forces me, or there just are not any 2 strokes available to me anymore. But, I digress.This first bike will actually be built into my backup/home bike. Of course it will be changed up to have all the appropriate stuff to make it into a woods bike from the SX machine that it is today.

There should be 2 more 2008 model RM250’s here by the end of the month, that will be built into Scott and my primary race bikes. At some point in December, we should have an assembly line of bike buildup in Scott’s shop. I cannot wait for that, as it will just be so cool to be working the bikes into real race bikes.

I am late in week 6 of the knee thing. I wish that every day it got better. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I was warned at the beginning of this that there would be some times where it did not feel like I was moving forward. This week was one of those times. I had a hard time keeping the swelling down this week. When it swells up, it gets painful and limits how much I can do with it. I stepped my exercise program back this week, and had to just spend time cycling my knee and doing range of motion exercises and icing. It is feeling better now, and I should be able to get back to a better program starting Monday.

I figure I am 2 weeks from being able to actually start to put in some time on the trainer at a more measurable effort, and I should be able to start doing some conditioning as well. I cannot wait.

We should be able to start on the van soon, but I will let Scott tell all about that.


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