week 5

Ok.  So here I am late in week 5.  Things are going pretty well.  But, it still is a long way to go.  Since the therapist will not let me do anything very aggressive until after 7 or 8 weeks, it feels a lot like the same old exercises. 

My exercise routine now is

– 1 hour of knee work at 5am= 10 minutes on the trainer, balancing on the fixed knee leg, theraband pulls on the knee, pushing the knee flexing, quad sets, leg lifts, stepping strides, knee cap manipulation etc…  icing.  takes and hour.

– rowing machine at lunch M, F, Sun.  or  Swimming at lunch T, Th or upper body weight lifting at lunch Wed.

– 1 hour of knee work at lunch time

– 1 hour of knee work after dinner

It is a grind.  I like it though, because I am doing something.  I can see improvement.  I can easily get my knee to full straight, although I cannot hyper-extend it.  I can bend it to 115 degrees, although my good knee bends to 145 degrees.  I can walk without a limp, when I am concentrating.  But, when I am tired I favor it a bit.  But, there is still a long way to go to training hard for next season. 

Mark at Vesrah Suzuki feels pretty good that our bikes should be here by Thanksgiving.  That is super news.  We should be able to get them built up by the end of December.  Scott should be able to do some indoor MX track testing in December.  And, we will be all set for some indoor MX track testing for me after January and hopefully a trip down south in late February for some outdoor work. 

Scott is picking up the new van now, so we will be able to build that all out before the end of November.  But, I will wait for him to post something about that. 

Today is Nov 4.  127 days till our first GNCC race. 


One response to “week 5

  1. Glad to hear that you are progressing so well. I ran into Scott yesterday at the Boulder cross race.

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