It is in the books.  I am sure you know the results now, but if you do not.  David Knight is the overall champion.  Although it is American offroad racing, he sure figured it out.  But, he has to be the largest dude I have ever seen on a motorcycle.  I mean the guy is a giant.  His head is so big, he must need like a XXXL helmet size.  Wow. 

 You really have to see him ride a motorcycle to understand.  He absolutely towers over the bike.  It would scare the crap out of me to have him riding off my rear fender. 

Charlie Mullins is just as impressive as I thought he would be, but somehow he does not look superhuman compared to David. 

Anyway, I went down with Scott to the race.  Scott rode the 30+A class.  He did really well.  He finished up in 4th, although he was hoping to be in the top 3. I was sufficiently impressed with how he rode.  Congratulations.

We saw some interesting things there.  Confederate flags, mullets, huge pickup trucks with really loud diesel exhausts, mud (lots of it), quad culture…  But in the end, people are really great at the races.

The guys at Suzuki were really great.  Mike Webb, Shane Nally et al…  Thanks for spending time with us, and making us feel welcome.  See you next year. 

What a season it has been.  I had some great battles with Rob Houts in D16 racing.  We traded positions multiple times in every race we were in together.  In the end, he won the old guy class overall in the district again, and I really did not get in his way.  It might had been different without my knee injury, as he had some poor finishes at the end of the year.  But he deserved to win, as he was the most consistent for the season.  Oh well, congratulations Rob!

Scott won the overall overall for D16.  He had a great season.  We put a lot of miles on the van again.  We did a bunch of races all over the midwest.  I remember one race in the snow in February in Illinois that in hindsight is almost comical.  We hatched our GNCC plan while driving along in that van to a race somewhere up north.  Now, it is all coming together.  Bikes, van, trailer, gear, helmets, tires, parts etc…  I cannot wait for next season.

It is always this way at the end of the year.  For the last couple of races, you are dragging because it is late in the season.  You are not sure how many more tires you want to change, how many more times you want to wash the mud out of your gear.  How many more quarters you want to stuff in the carwash to get the bike clean…  But, the minute the last race is over, you already start counting the days till next season gets started.

There were 157 days from surgery till the first GNCC race 28 of those have passed today.  126 to go.

Now it is all up to me.  I just keep getting up at 5am, riding the bicycle, working out my knee, swimming, lifting weights, working out my knee, doing strength and conditioning workouts, doing the exercise ball workouts, working out my knee etc… Rinse and repeat.  It is all up to me. 


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