3rd physical therapy visit

Today was my 3rd physical therapy appointment.  I am in the middle of week 4, post op.  It was a momentous day today.  Lots of really good news.  I am bending to about 110-115 degrees, and getting my knee all the way to 0 degrees or straight.  The swelling is going down nicely as well.

1.  I am cleared to ride the bike with a bit of resistance.  Not much, just enough to slow the spin down.  Still only for 10 minutes at a time, but I do that 3 times per day on most days. 

2.  I am cleared to swim.  I have to swim with a buoy in between my knees, and no kicking, but it is swimming non the less.

3.  They gave me a bunch of new exercises to begin to put some force in a straight line through my knee.  stepping up on a step, pushing my back up against a wall or a big ball against the wall and doing a small squat.  etc…  that is really good news.

4.  I am doing some balance things standing on the one fixed leg.  eyes closed, eyes open.  swinging my other leg around etc…  I am even supposed to do it on an exercise matte to make it harder. 

Yee ha!!!!!  I am so happy to be back at something that feels like real training. 

Tomorrow, Scott and I are heading down to Crawfordsville.  We have some meetings there with Suzuki, Cycra etc…   I cannot wait.  And, of course Scott is racing. 

We will have a few more stories after the weekend, I am sure.


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