d-day plus 2

Yesterday was actually not too bad of a day on the whole.  I measure my success in baby steps though.  On the surgery day, I almost could not imagine getting up off the couch to go the bathroom.  I could not imagine doing any kind of exercises with my leg, and of course the whole leg was just painful.

Yesterday I progressed to getting to the bathroom with ease, and able to get on and off the couch without anyones help.  I did 3 sets of exercises yesterday.  Silly little stuff like leg lifts, knee bends, ankle rotations and quad sets.  It went pretty well.  It hurt like hell to do them, but I was able to do them. 

I have a few more days of just doing that stuff, and then I should be able to add some core workouts like sitting on the ball and sit ups etc…  I cannot wait. 

One of the weird things is how the pain travels around the leg.  One time that I stand up, it hurts on the knee cap.  The next time it might hurt on the outside of the knee.  Another time, it will hurt halfway down my shin – which seems totally unrelated.  Yet another time it will hurt in my ankle.  Strange. 

Scott is taking the camper without me and going up to the National Harescrambles race in Rhinelander.  I wish I was going.  My focus right now is to get mobile enough that I can go to Crawfordsville with him.  That is our “local” GNCC race, and I still have not been able to do it.  Last year, I fell in the first turn, and freakishly broke my front brake hose.  That course has great big downhills that were impossible to ride without a front brake.  This year…  Oh well, I will certainly get to do it next year.

more to come.


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