D-Day plus one

It is 6am, the day after my knee surgery.  I am laying on the couch all juiced up on pain killers.   I am a bit loopy. 

Things went ok yesterday.  But, the 5 hours just after I woke up from surgery were murder.  I have never felt that kind of pain before.  I must be wimpy.  They were having a hard time getting my blood oxygen level to stay up, and the pain killers just were not getting ahead of the pain. 

The doctor said my knee was really really jacked.  He warned me, that he cannot fix it again.  The meniscus were pretty torn and there was no way to stitch them up, the bad parts just had to be trimmed away.  He said it should be fine, but there will not be much left there to repair if I damage it again. 

The good part about trimming instead of repair is that I am already starting to put some weight on it, and that will really speed my recovery. 

As long as I stay ahead of the pain with my pain medicine, it is not too bad here.  Today I start my first 3 sets of exercises.  Wish me luck! 

More to come.


One response to “D-Day plus one

  1. Gosh, am I allowed to heckle someone post-operatively? The opportunity is so RIGHT THERE!

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