Dyracuse and the day before D-Day

Yesterday I went to Dyracuse with Scott.  It was a weird day.  I have never been to a Harescrambles race and been a spectator.  I took over 250 photos (thanks Megan) and about 30 minutes of video.  But, I felt pretty lost.   I am used to being in the bunch and fighting with Rob and for my top 10 spot.

I got to see Scott clinch the local series.  That was really cool.  Congratulations Scott. 

The course looked fantastic.  Fast and flowy in spots, and super technical in other spots.  Tons of sand, and that was killing people.  But, damn did it look fun. 

I walked around too much on my knee.  It was stiff and throbing after the day.  But, I am going into the shop tomorrow to have it rebuilt, so I was not too worried about it.

 That is what I am referring to as D-Day.  Tuesday, Oct 2 – under the knife.  Wish me luck.  The next post will probably be pretty drug induced and may make even less sense than my normal posts. 


2 responses to “Dyracuse and the day before D-Day

  1. Heya Joe. Thought I posted this a long time ago when I read your post about your knee. Sorry to hear the news, but at least amputation isn’t required, eh? Heal quick like, eh?

  2. I went all Canadian there for a second.

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