Knee Update

Ok.  So here is the update on the knee.

I saw the doctor yesterday, and we reviewed the results of my MRI.  There basically is no ACL left.  The PCL is intact, but the ACL does not show up on the MRI.  It must have torn all the way through in the crash, and has already shriveled up to nothing.  The doctor said that is what happens.  Both of my meniscus are damaged, and need to be fixed.  I also have a small tear in my MCL.

The meniscus can be repaired with Arthroscopic surgery.  That is no big deal.  The ACL, needs to be replaced.  They will take a part of my patella tendon and drill and screw that in place of the ACL.  That will be a big deal.  There is a lot of rehab and recovery needed with that.  The MCL is nothing, that will repair itself on its own.

So, I will have reconstructive surgery planned for Oct 2.  That is really soon.  Really soon.

I am told by the physical therapist that there will be some hard weeks in there, but if I am really dedicated, I should be able to be on my motorcycle in the spring time.  Just in time for the April start to the GNCC series.

Justin Williamson is leading the XC2 class right now, after having surgery in January.  I will have a 3 month head-start on him.  I hope that means I am ready by April.  It is going to be an interesting winter.

I know the first couple of weeks after surgery are going to be a real drag.  Lots of great pain killers, painful efforts at mobility etc…  But, in not too much time after that I will be starting real physical therapy and shortly after that I should be able to start working harder and training towards April.

Check back for regular updates on my progress, and wish me luck.


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