The MRI damage

Ok.  The nurse called today from the Orthopedic Surgeon’s office.  They have seen the results from my MRI.  She called to move my follow up appointment sooner.  She was also calling me to tell me to schedule a pre-op physical with my regular doctor. 

So, Tuesday I go to see the Surgeon and hear what he wants to do.  Bad news.  But, on the other hand at least I am moving forward on the knee and can get through this and into rehab and back to training. 

 I just read an interview that Jason Weigandt did with Justin Williamson on the GNCC site.  Justin had both his ACL and his MCL repaired in January and now he is leading the XC2 pro class.  So, I should still be able to be ready for next years GNCC series.

 Jason Weigandt gave our little GNCC team a shout out in the current Quick fill.  Thanks a ton.


One response to “The MRI damage

  1. Details! We need details. So surgery is inevitable then? Did they say what’s torn?

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