My first MRI

It was kind of fun, actually.  I mean, I got to listen to some great 80’s hair band music and lay in a tube that was making a ton of noise.  Occasionally, the nurse would chip in with a comment somehting like “just 6 minutes more!”  I almost fell asleep.  Seriously. 

 I don’t really wish it on anyone, but I am happy just to be doing something about my knee and hopefully moving toward whatever it is that will make it better. 

I will not really hear any results of the MRI until next friday. 

 I did my 2nd day back at my training today.  I swam for about 40 minutes.  I am not allowed to scissor kick, so I just swam with a buoy between my legs and drug my lower body through the water.  Not much of a workout, but I feel good just getting back to it. 


One response to “My first MRI

  1. I’ll make sure and mention how overwhelmingly intimidated by you I am in my next blog post. Honest. No really, I will.

    Oh, and 1 non-work related blog, 1 Flickr page, and one sort of blog thing for work that hasn’t really worked yet.

    So there. And here’s a little something to help you recover more quickerer like:

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