First day training again

Success!  The doctor told me yesterday to get off the crutches, to get on my bike and to start working out again.  I took his advice. 

 I did a super easy workout – 30 minutes spinning on the trainer in the gym at a cadence of 75 and less than 100watts.  It felt tight and stiff, but I made it all the way through.  Yee Ha!  The first step is the hardest.

Tomorrow, a swim workout. 

I suppose that Ricky Carmichael had to go through all of this as well when he jacked his knee.  He went on to dominate for more years.  Let’s hope.

I go in for an MRI tomorrow, and then of course I get to wait for a week to hear the results of that. 


One response to “First day training again

  1. Good grief…The lengths some people will go to for some sympathy. Sheesh.

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