Tuesday 9/18 – the first doctor visit

Things went really well at the doctor.  I have been hobbling around for a week now.  Slowly my knee has improved.  The knee is still really swollen, and I am struggling to put full weight on it, but it is getting better.

The doctor did Xrays (of course they showed nothing and were inconclusive).  And, the doctor did an exam.  He moved my knee around a lot, bent it through a range of motion – both natural and unnatural.  He did similar things to my good knee for comparison.  When he was all said and done,

– the lateral stability is very good

– the twisting stability is very good

– there is a bit of fore and aft movement, but only slightly more than the “good” knee.

I am cleared to ride my road bike, to ride the trainer and to swim (as long as I do not scissor kick).  I am really excited.  I was most worried about getting into a huge fitness hole through all of this. 

 Tomorrow I will ride the trainer at lunch and see how my knee does.  If all goes well, I will be swimming on Thursday morning. 


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