The worst possible scenario

This past week, I was up at Marquette Mountain in the UP of Michigan.  I was doing some freeride mountain biking on the mountain there.  On 9/11 (I know a fateful day), it was kind of rainy and cold.  But, the dirt was perfect.  There is a bunch of really good flowy DH type terrain, and a couple of trails with man made north shore type obstacles.  It is all a blast.

So, on our 2nd time down, I lost the front end in a high speed left handed sweeper.  Instinctively, I put my inside foot down and it planted into the soft dirt.  I hyperextended my knee, twisted it and then highsided off the bike and rag dolled down the hill.

 As I was falling, I knew that I had done in my left knee.  I laid there on the ground like a slug, just breathing hard and trying not to throw up into my helmet from the pain in my knee.  I am not really sure how long I laid there, but I know it was a long time before I felt I could sit up without passing out.  I eventually made it to my feet, albeit with help.  I tried to remount the bike, and as I transferred all my weight to my left leg, it just buckled underneath me.  I crumbled to the ground, and knew that I was in trouble. 

They sent a truck up the mountain to pick me up, and I spent the rest of the week icing me knee and getting around on crutches. 

My season is over.  I will now spend the next few months making my knee healthy for next years GNCC season.  If this was going to happen, it is good that it happened now.  At least I have more than 6 months to get my knee solid again. 

 I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday of next week (9/18).  I will start to find out then, how bad it is and how much work it is going to be to be ready for next year. 


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