If it has 2 wheels – I will ride it!



Sometimes it rains while you are doing your thing.

Welcome to my  blog site.  I cover all of the 2 wheel and adventure type things I am in to, and general all around opinions. It is why you came here, and you can follow along with my adventures on 2 wheels, skis and travels.  If you know me, you know that I have lots of opinions, and I am not afraid to share them.  In fact, you probably know that I cannot keep them to myself.  Tune in occasionally, and you can see what I think and what I have been doing lately.


I probably also will have some oatmeal or burrito stories to share as well.

Hang on, I’ll turn the Pearl Jam down,


Joe’s Blog!

I get to go some great places in the world, and sometimes I decide to do some interesting things while there.

I don’t take myself too seriously.  Seriously!


Scott and I winning the Perry Mountain 24hr race in 2012. 1st place Duo team, and 7th place team overall. It was a good day.


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